Saturday, 9 May 2009

Eeaeeaeaeeeeeeruruuugh, you ever keep around an album, book or dvd that you know will always depress you? Not one that's sad in itself, but one that you associate with a bad time in your life, or a good period that turned to shit? Either way, one you'd rather forget. Why the fuck would someone keep something like that around, ESPECIALLY if it's something ONLY associated with that period? But it's something you enjoyed at the time, and without that history, you'd still be able to enjoy it.

But you can't NOT watch/read/listen to it, even though you know it always sends you down a dangerous introspective valley that you'll have a hard time leaving again, am I right? I just don't get if it's wanting to experience the material openly with no thought to what you associate it with or a self-destructive tendency that keeps rearing it's ugly head. And no matter how many times you purge the material from your life, it always seems to creep back into it, intentionally or otherwise.

I also fucking hate it when you're at one end of a room and smell a shitty smell, then worry it's you. So you head to the other end of the room, and you can STILL smell it, so you're SURE it's you. But then your friends start to notice it too...

...then one of the bastards owns up to it. That was a fucking evil fart if we could smell it on BOTH sides of the room, and I'm fucking glad that smell wasn't me.