Thursday, 19 March 2009

I've been thinking about trying a different type of photography this weekend. I heard this song last night, like, and it's just so sad. And I have this thing when I'm listening to music where I can't stop thinking about what I'd put to whatever song I'm listening to. Occasionally it even gets to the point where I go and do it (Muse/JoJo video, I'm looking at yooou). And so I've had this idea for a photo montage I could put to this particular song I heard last night knocking around my head the best part of the evening now, and it needs letting out. I've done a few different types of photography. Action shots, art, nature, architecture, event, and more recently macro. Emotional photography isn't something I've even considered before now. As an amateur photographer I'm suddenly fascinated by the idea of being able to take a picture in such a way that someone looking at it has no real option but to feel how I want them to feel. A lot of art allows the person experiencing it to find their own feelings regarding the piece, but I can't help but wonder if I'm capable of forcing an emotion on an audience through composition and presentation.

What I have in mind would in particular target the Busou Shinki fanbase (a line of action figure kits that I've been using heavily in recent macro-photography), and of course half of this sort of thing is knowing your audience and playing on the fact that they have an emotional investment in your subject matter. But then of course I start wondering if I can come up with some so emotionally exploitative and manipulative that it'll have affects beyond the enthusiasts of the subject matter. I can't leave the idea alone now, so I'll probably be up all night working on that once I've gorged myself on some raw, bloody meat.

So it's going to get done before I sleep again, that's for sure. I'm just wondering if this sort of photographic urge makes me a progressive artist or just a cunt.

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