Thursday, 19 March 2009

So I started wondering why a smart guy like Shockwave would colour himself black-and-purple. Any Autobot coloured black-and-purple is going to stand out. And any Decepticon infiltrating without getting rid of his black-and-purple colourscheme is just ASKING for it. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Then it hit me. If the brave, noble and trusted Longarm Prime starts sporting black-and-purple, people are going to be a lot more willing to trust Autobots with a similar colour-scheme.

"He is coloured black-and-purple, you say? Why, so am I? Are you going to lock me up too?"

That means Decepticons can infiltrate without repainting themselves. BUT it's Shockwave, and he's a DOUBLE-BASTARD. Shockwave ALWAYS plans ahead for ways to take down others with him if he ever gets killed/beaten. If Longarm Prime is suddenly discovered to really be a Decepticon, after all his talk of black-and-purple not meaning you're a Decepticon, every single Autobot with that color-scheme is suddenly going to be suspect. And you know jerks like Sentinal Prime and Ultra Magnus are going to shoot first, ask questions later.

It'll be a full-scale witch-hunt. Primus only knows how many Autobots will be slagged on that fateful, inevitable day...

Of course, Decepticons who infiltrated without changing their colour-schemes are going to get caught in all this too. Shockwave thought of that as well. I guarantee he hand-picked those Decepticons himself, so in a worse-case-scenario at least he'd be cleaning house a little.

So, what does this all mean, ultimately? In truth, not much. Chances are the colour-scheme isn't going to get into the show (although I note the OTHER Target exclusive's colour-scheme has already been in the show). But it's still cool, so one of these babies is getting ordered and sent to my proxies in the US.


  1. you think about this stuff way, way too much

  2. Maybe you're just not thinking about it ENOUGH.