Tuesday, 21 April 2009

thanks for caring so much, seriously. it was real nice of you to lead me on for so long just to spare my feelings. it was totally awesome that you cared about me so much that you did the one mother-fucking thing I asked you not to. it rocked how you put so much effort into your lies that i'd stopped questioning if you felt the same way anymore. it was all so convincing. thank you for saying such nice things, even if you didn't mean them. i felt really good about myself for awhile there

thanking you for helping me trust people again, even if it was only for a few months

i'm real pleased you were kind enough to wait to drop your facade until after the student nationals. it was very considerate of you to not lump this on me over the weekend, as I would've hated to end up letting down a friend over this.

thank you for waiting to tell me this the day i'd managed to bring you up with a friend without feeling weird about it. i can't wait to look like a fucking idiot tomorrow.

it's brilliant that you've tainted my precious few hobbies and interests forever. they were expensive anyway

thanks for that final push

i'm very grateful that you told me at this awful time of morning, so that i couldn't go out and get a drink to settle my nerves and deal with my dry throat. that's probably no good for me anyway. on that note, thank you for making me remember I've still got a full bottle of absinthe. i'd hate for it to have gone to waste.

thanks for dealing with it so well. i'd hate to feel even more guilty about all this shit.

it's great that i can spend more time playing World of Warcraft now. awesome

i appreciate your concerns over "breaking a heart". but you can't break something that hadn't been fixed in the first place.

i'm so pleased that my favourite GWAR songs are relevent again. i wasn't quite sure what to do there.

cheers for confirming everything i ever feared about myself, and justifying all my self-loathing.

thank you for never reading my blog. i hate myself enough for how much i upset you, i'd hate to rub salt into that wound by having you read me venting like this.

and finally, thank you very fucking much for proving me fucking right about all of you fucking people, you congenitally manipulative and deceitful i can't say it


thank you for giving me something to bitch and complain about on here. for awhile there i was worried this was going to be one of those blogs that was sort of fun to read

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